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Saturday 8 September 2012

Stuti's Easy Bhindi

Stuti is an amazing friend and even more amazing at entertaining friends. I had this bhindi yesterday and I was surprised when she told me the recipe and it had to go in here. Bhindi in any form is my favourite but if you can get a yummy recipe without sweating then why not. The picture is taken by her too.
Okra/Bhindi-2 cups, cleaned and slit with base intact
Shallots-1 cup, slit in quarters
Mangal Tava fry masala- acc to taste ( can substitute subji masala too)
1. Slit the bhindi and the shallots. Add the tava fry masala and salt, give it a good mix so that it is  well coated with the masala.

2. In a shallow pan, saute the spiced bhindi and shallots in little oil  untill they are  cooked stirring intermittently. 
Can it get better than a 2 step recipe!
Seve it as a side with rice or roti.

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