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Thursday 6 September 2012

Pineapple Pachadi

 This recipe is contributed by my sister, Rubeena including the photo. This is a Trivandrum preparation and I think other regions in Kerala do not use garlic or onion. You could use canned pineapple too for an easy pineapple pachadi.This is the sweet and sour preaparation and forms an important part of Onam Sadya.
1 medium sized pineapple
Curd                 – 1 cup
Grated coconut- half cup
Jeera               - ½ teaspoon  
Green chili       - 1 or 2
Garlic               - 2 or 3 flakes (optional)
Small onion     - 2 no.(optional)
Curry leaves

  1. Cut pineapple into very small pieces.
  2. In oil, put mustard, allow it to splutter. Add curry leaves.
  3. Add pineapple pieces into it, add salt  and cook for a while till it becomes soft.
  4. Grind grated coconut, green chili, jeera, garlic and small onion. The consistency should be like thick chutney.
  5. Once the pineapple is cooked, add the above coconut mixture into it.
  6. After a minute or so, take the pan out of the fire and add curd.

The authentic kerala style pineapple pachadi is ready for the sadya.

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