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Saturday 8 September 2012

Stuti's Easy Aloo

Stuti made this yummy potatoes and like all her recipes this was very easy to prepare. She seems to be a pro in instant dishes which is what we all want in this multi tasking world.
Baby potatoes- 1 kg
Cumin seeds- 1.5 tsp
Ginger paste- 1tsp
Mint sauce-acc to taste (  the one used for marinating, not chutney)
Oil- little
1. First boil the baby potatoes in salted water. When done drain and keep it aside. If you have a partner or a husband get them to peel it for you. If you don't have one then you could just eat them with skin .
2. In little oil, add cumin seeds and when it splutters add the ginger paste, saute for a few seconds.
3. Add the boiled potatoes, saute and add the mint sauce and mix till it coats all the potatoes well.
Serve it as a side or a salad .

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