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Thursday 15 March 2012


I cant remember when I started making this but I make this when I dont have enough time for grinding and fermenting for dosa. It is like dosa but with moong (split/whole) and does not require fermenting and also lower in calories.
Moong dal- 1 cup, soaked atleast 4 hrs ( whole mung could be used too, even sprouted!)
green chilli-4
cumin seeds-2 tsp
onion, coriander leaves,green chilli- chopped, for garnishing
1. Grind moong with ginger and green chillies into a smooth batter.
2. Add salt and cumin seeds to it.
3. Spread it on a tava just like dosa, sprinkle chopped onion ,coriander leavesand chillies. Add a little oil around and cook on the other side.
4. Serve it with chutney.
I have not had an authentic pesarattu, so you may come across variations but this is what I have been making!

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