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Friday 2 March 2012

Makande-African meal

I had a lot of dry corn lying in my cupboard which I bought to make popcorns but were being ignored due to the microwaveble popcorn. Since the solution to everything lies with google, I bumped into this recipe and it was a big hit with my friend , who was raised in Africa. It could be eaten with rice but I thought it was a meal in itself and had a lot of texture.
Rajma/kidney beans- 1 cup/can
Dry corn- 1 cup,soaked in water overnight
green chiili-3,chopped
lime juice- 1 tbsp
cumin seed-1tsp
turmeric-1/4 tsp
coconut milk-half can
coriander leaves-for garnishing
1. Soak rajma and corn overnight and pressure cook them .
2. In oil,add cumin seed and turmeric and when it splutters ,add onion.
3. when it gurns brownish ,add the tomatoes and green chillis. cook till oil separates.
4. Add the cooked rajma and corn. Mix well. Adjust salt, add lime juice.
5.Add the coconut milk , bring to boil and turn it off. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Eat on its own or serve it with rice, Its not spicy but its different!

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