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Thursday 29 March 2012

Curd rice

This is my most favourite rice since I was a little girl. I would choose this over any biryani or pulao. The key is not to have sour curds. In south India ameal is usually finished with curd rice, pickle and poppadum.
Cooked/overcooked rice
Milk (if yoghurt is sour)
Grated carrots (optional)
Tadka-oil, mustard seeds 1 tsp, urad dal/chana dal 1tsp. few whole red chillis, curry leaves, cashew (optional)
Garnishing- pomegrante or grapes (optional)
1. If you are making it well in advance before serving then I suggest add milk and yoghurt to the rice so that it does not turn too sour.Add salt.
2.Adding grated carrots add colour and makes it healthy.
3. Add the tadka ingredients while still hot. Garnish and serve with pickle and poppadums.

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