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Thursday 2 February 2012


I had quite a bit of leftover plain rice in fridge ,which looked quite dry and was about to bin. But then I hate wasting food so decided to give it an extreme makeover.
Cooked rice-
Mint leaves coriander leaves
Frozen mixed veg-1 cup
Potaoes -2 chopped chunkily
yoghurt-1 cup
fried onions
few cinnamon,cardomom,bay leaf
jeera or saunf
ginger garlic paste
biryani masala-acc to taste
Method: !.In oil add whole spices, then gingergarlic paste. FRY FOR 2 MIN.Now add the potatoes, sautee.
2. Add the frozen veg,sautee till it starts lightly browning.
3. add biryani masala,yoghurt,chopped mint &coriander leaves,nuts,fried onions and salt. Mix well.
4. Now fold in rice and mix gently.
5. Cook it in very low flame for 5 min . Garnish with the leaves andfried onions& serve

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