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Friday 3 February 2012

Paneer starter

Since I started this blog a week ago, I decide to put atleast one recipe a day......which has to be easy and should have been popular with friends. Everbody likes to indulge once in a while but do not want to spend hours. This is one perfect recipe which tastes rich but dead easy to make.
Paneer (good amount....goes fast)
salt ,pinch of turmeric
Spices-Dry roasted (coriander seeds,methi seeds,kalonji/onion seeds,whole pepper),each 1-2 tsp
1.cut paneer into cubes, marinate in salt ,yoghurt and turmeric.
2. Now dry roast the spices till nice aroma comes and then grind in a mortar
3. In a non-stick pan, add the marinated paneer and mix till water is absorbed and paneer is coated with fluffy yoghurt.....if u overcook then it all becomed hard and chewy.
4.Take it off fire and add the ground spices.
5. Serve it on a bed of baby spinach for special occasions.

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