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Thursday 16 February 2012

veg biryani with coconut milk

I had a half a can of coconut milk at hand (leftover from egg curry) and came up with this recipe,fit enough to be taken as packed lunch.I have eaten 5 bowls since lunch time...hmmm
basmati Rice-2 cups,uncooked,soaked and drained
ginger garlic paste-2tsp
Green chilli-4
frozen mixed veg+ chopped potato-2
Spices-tumeric half tsp, chilli powder 1tsp,garam masala-1tsp
maggi masala tastemaker-2 packets......thats what i could use biryani masala
chopped mint leaves and coriander leaves -3 tbsp each
coconut milk and water-to make 4 cups
whole spices- bay leaf,cinnamon,cloves,cardomom
1. in oil add whole spices then onion,chilli and ginger garlic paste and sautee till brown.
2. Add the vegetables and cook till start browning at edges.
3. Now add the spices and chopped mint &coriander leaves
4,Add the rice ,fry till it turns opaque white,about 5 min
5. ADD the coconut milk and water . adjust the tasting the water
6. Boil,simmer.....doesnt take long for water to get absorbed..5 min

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