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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Mushroom Biryani

I normally do not buy mushrooms coz they are quite bland but since it was on sale, like a typical woman bought some. After a lot of considerations, I decided to make biryani which was inspired by Padhus kitchen. I used cooked basmati rice and made a few changes to the original recipe. If it did not taste good I would not put it here. That will be our packed lunch for next two days.
Cooked basmati rice- from 1.5 cup raw rice

Mushroom-500gms , cut in half
Onion-2, sliced
Tomato-1, chopped
Green chillis-3, slit
Ginger garlic paste-2tsp
Coriander leaves-a handful, chopped
Mint leaves-handful, chopped
Whole spices-1bay leaf, cinnamon 1",4 cloves, 4 cardamom
Spices- a pinch turmeric, 1 tsp chilli powder, 2 tsp coriander powder, 2 tsp biryani masala
Yoghurt- 2tbsp
Lemon juice-1 tbsp
Oil- little

1.First marinate the mushrooms in yoghurt, turmeric and chilli powder. Now you can assemble other ingredients.
2. In little oil, add the whole spices when it sizzles add the onion and green chillis. Saute till brownish.
3. Add the ginger garlic paste, saute. Add 2 tsp coriander powder and 2 tsp biryani masala. If you dont have biryani masala just add half tsp garam masala. Fry for 30 sec.
4. Add the chopped tomatoes, salt and the marinated mushrooms. Cook untill it oozes plenty of water out. Add the coriander and mint leaves. Cover untill mushrooms are cooked.
5.Add the cooked rice and mix untill its well blended and heated through. Lastly add the lemon juice and turn off the stove,
Serve hot with raita and crisps.

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