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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Masala Bread

I had 30 min to make a meal today with the ingredients that I had. We used to make this during the good old college days. It used to be filling and quite easy to make. So I was planning to skip my supper but it was so good that I could not.
Bread- 6 slices , chopped in bite size pieces
Onion-2 small, sliced
Tomato-3 small, chopped
Potatoes-4 small, chopped small
Capsicum/ sweet pepper-1, chopped
Green Chilli-3, chopped
Ginger-garlic paste-2 tsp
Spices- 1 tsp paprika, coriander powder, cumin powder , chicken masala each and 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp garam masala
Garnishing- 3 tbsp coriander leaves, juice of half lemon
Seasoning-oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds
water-1/4 cup
1. In little oil, add the mustard seeds. When it splutters, add the onion and green chillis. Saute till turns soft.
2. Add ginger-garlic paste, and saute for 2 min till raw smell goes. Add the spices and mix for a min on low heat. You can vary the spices according to your taste.
3. Add the chopped tomatoes. Cook covered on low for 2 min.
4.Next Add the chopped potatoes. Mix and add quarter cup water.
5. Add the chopped pepper and salt. Cover till its cooked.
6. Add the chopped bread and and mix well till bread is coated with the spices.
7. Garnish with coriander leaves and lemon juice. Serve hot.

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