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Saturday 21 April 2012


My aunty in US is an excellent cook but only cooks such delicacies for special people. If she makes samosa for someone then it would mean they are really worthy of that effort. I am pleased to know I am one of them.
Vegetables-, carrot ,potato, peas , beans, capsicum etc, chopped small
ginger garlic paste -2tsp
Green chillis-5
Ground beef- 1kg, optional for non-vegetarians
spices- 1 tsp chilli powder, 1/4 tsp turmeric,1 tsp garam masala
1. In oil, add onion ,green chilli and ginger garlic paste.
2saute all vegetables till its dry., about 15 min.
3. Add the spices and salt according to your taste and mix well.
4. For the cover use readymade samosa patti or partially cooked thin chappathis or egg roll wrap.
5. Seal it well with plain flour and water paste.
6. Deep fry till brown.
Tip: You can freeze them after stage 5 and store for upto a year. Thaw partially before deep frying.
You can use this as a filling for grilled sandwich or veg fajita

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