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Sunday 22 April 2012

Chocolate Eclair cake-No Bake

The dessert queen,Neena surprised me with an early birthday celebration on my last night in US. This was the first birthday where someone baked a cake for me and made an effort to keep it a surprise. It was very touching and fun. Thats Neena for you who cares for everyone in the family.
Graham Crackers
Vanilla pudding mix-2 packet
Milk-3 cups
whipping cream-1 tub
chocolate frosting-1 (Betty crocker's)
1. Make vanilla pudding with instant mix and milk. Add in the whipped cream.
2. Line graham crackers in a casserole. layer it with the pudding-whipped cream mix.
3. Put another layer of graham cracker and repeat .
4. Top the layer with graham cracker s again and then spread the chocolate frosting, readymade or freshly made.

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