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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Million dollar dessert

The first time I had this cake (made by Neena), I was completely blown away. Its the Menaka of all desserts,all dieting , restrictions and self -control will go out of the window. It is called a million dollar cake but I think it should be called a million dollar dessert and it definitely lives upto its name. I have been making this for every birthday party since then.
1 packet yellow cake mix (I order Duncan Hines pineapple supreme thru amazon, easily available in US)
 1.25 cup- icing sugar/powdered sugar
8 oz cream cheese
1 packet instant vanilla pudding(angel delight)
8oz whipped cream
1 can crushed pineapple-drained
1 can-oranges/strawberries, drained (Neena used oranges, I used strawberries)
1. Make the  2 cakes from 1 packet according to package instuctions, substituting water for drained syrup from canned fruits.
2.While cake is cooking, whip cream cheese,add half of the sugar, fold in drained pineapple and add the dry pudding mix. Fold in the whipped cream sweetend with rmaining sugar .Refrigerate till the cake cools down completely.
3.Place 1 cake, pour a few tbsp of drained liquid from canned fruit to moisten it. Spread the frosting in step2.
4, Place the second cake on top,moisten it and cover the entire cake with this delicious frosting. Decorate on top with drained oranges/strawberries.
You can make 4 layers, if you are skilled enough,like in the pic.
This will melt in your mouth and you will forget about all other cakes you have ever eaten!

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