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Sunday 11 March 2012


My mom makes this all the time and its a family favourite.The taste is mainly from the spices, methi and ginger garlic green chilli paste. My mom makes it with wheat flour only and it tastes good. Originally, the recipe would include bajri flour, little bit of gram flour and semolina......but if you do not have it then just make it with wholemeal wheat flour and it will not taste any different. Believe me, I have had both version and dont find any difference.
Wheat flour-1 cup
Bajri flour-2 cups ( you can substitute wheat flour, if you dont have it!)
gram flour, semolina-2tbsp each (optional)
spices- 1tsp chilli powder,half tsp tumeric, 1tsp coriander powder, salt
sesame seeds-1 tbsp
Ginger garlic greenchilli paste-1whole garlic, 1"ginger 5 green chilli
Jaggery-3 tbsp (I like it sweet!)
Frozen methi-2 cubes ,thawed ( you can add fresh too or kasuri methi!)
sour yoghurt-for kneading (if yoghurt is not sour, add 1 tbsp lemon juice)
1. Mix all ingredients except yoghurt well and knead it with yoghurt.
2. Roll it like a chappathi and cook it on both sides adding oil.
Serve it hot or cold, it can be stored upto a week.


  1. I followed your recipe for dhebra the other day for was much liked at home :-) Nice blog...will try out more of your recipes. I have also recently started food visit my blog and share your feedback -

  2. Your blog looks great.......fusion cooking. I shall try your recipes and let you know. I am glad you enjoyed the dhebra, it is my favorite too.