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Friday 16 March 2012

Besan Ladoo

This is my daughter's favourite and this is my mother's day gift  for my kids. They have been trying to be very secretive and buying things that I like and making their own cards. I was never like them when I was growing up.
Besan/gram flour-3 cups
Sugar-2 cups, powdered
melted butter/ghee-1 cup
Nuts- chopped almond,cashew or pistachio
1. First powder the sugar along with cardomom in a mixie.
2. Sieve the garam flour if it is lumpy (mine was) and roast them in a wok or microwave stirring intermittently for 5 min. turn off the heat
3. Add the powdered sugar and nuts and mix it well.
4.  Melt butter for a min in the microwave.I do not like the smell of ghee, so use lurpak butter for all purposes.
5. Add the melted butter/ghee to the mix while still hot, mix and take a handful each time and shape it into a ladoo.
This made about 20 laddoos, I used small tea cup for measurement. .

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