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Monday 20 February 2012

Pitta and dip

This is a very healthy appetiser and my kids love it. I normally use whole meal pitta bread,which actually tastes better than white one. It takes 8 min altogether to make.
pitta bread-chopped in triangles
sweet pepper-1
garlic- 1/2 clove,ghopped fine
salt/pepper (optional)
olive oil-little
1. Put the pitta bread in oven at 200 C for 8 min.
2. while thats cooking ,in a flat pan, take olive oil,add the garlic ,sautee for 1 min
3. add the pepper,sauteefor a min then add the tomatoes,salt and sautee till it turns pulpy,s....not cooked, thats roughly the same time when your pitta gets done.
4.Serve the warm pitta and the dip (called shashkoukeh......but my kids call it cheycheykouleh,for some reason).

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