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Friday 17 February 2012

Pasta sauce

Opening a jar of pasta sauce and putting is the easiest option but obviously my fussy kids wouldnt want that. This is the only preparation of pasta sauce,they would have. In fact, this recipe was given to me by my daughter's friend whose mom apparently makes the best pasta sauce in the world (according to Anjali)

chopped toamatoes-1 can
garlic clove-1/2
tomato puree- 1 tbsp (optional or add ketchup)
salt and pepper
sugar-1 tsp
olive oil
1. In a saucepan,add olive oil and chopped garlic,then add onions. sautee till soft and pink not brown.
2. Add the can of tomatoes and a can ful of water and rest of the ingredients.
3.Stir intermittently till it turns pulpy mashing the tomatoes well.....about 10 min.
4. Add this to cooked pasta and listen to the thanks from my kids.

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