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Monday 13 February 2012

leftover curry and dinner rolls

This is what I had for breakfast today. The leftover curry from weekend,doesnt matter veg or non-veg gets transformed into a very tasty dish in few min..... you have to try it to believe it!
Leftover curry
Diiner rolls/ part baked hot dog buns-
scoop out the soft inside portion of of the rolls and add it to leftover curry in a karahi. Mix it till all the moisture is absorbed. Stuff this mixture in the rolls. You will be surprised at the makeover of the curry which noone wanted. You could spice it up with ketchup or any spices if desired.


  1. hmm......... new year resolution to share ur ideas with world?

    1. NEW YEAR RESOLUTION was to go on a diet but it took a complete wrong turn when i made undhiyu !