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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Pitta bread and salad

If it's Friday or Saturday and you want to get your house cleaned,call some friends over for dinner. Since after all the cleaning ,you certainly do not want to spend hours in the kitchen and be exhausted by evening. This is a recipe which will not take more than 5 min.
Ingredient :
Pitta bread
Crisp salad leaves
Sun dried tomatoes in oil...drained
Sweet pepper
Black olives
Cherry tomatoes
Roasted peppers....optional
Method: 1. Combine all except pitta bread and hummus,
2. Toast pitta bread,smear hummus inside and fill it with the above salad.
Healthy and tasty. Again this is my version, you can add anything acc to your taste.


  1. Fantastic taste.I would recommend this. Naveena ne apne hathoo se banake kilaya.

    1. Thank you. It is a common first course in my house.......also my Lunch