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Friday 21 September 2012

Leftover curry chappathi

I made paneer tikka masala with readymade jar of tikka masala. The kids did not like the taste of the tinned curry. With the paneer I made Paneer&pesto and since I did not want to waste the gravy I incorporated it in a the chappathi dough. The chappathis had a subtle flavour and went well with paneer and pickle.
Wholemeal flour- 3-4 cups
Left over curry
cumin seeds or ajwain or kalonji-1-2 tsp (optional)
1. Since the curry has spices and oil, I just added enough flour to make it into a soft dough.
2. Roll them into chappathi and cook on both sides adding a liitle oil/ghee if you want.
Serve it hot with any side.


  1. Hi naveena how are u? came to ur place via via...

    and i was reading your about me. almost like me
    keep it simple and easy.. i am also a vegetarian and dont use eggs in my cooking though

    looks like here u made good use of left over curry.

    i think we housewives and mums r good at using left overs in brand new innovative dishes

    i see you have wonderful collections here

    glad to follow you and would check out your other dishes

    do check out my space when you get time

    random ramblings

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  2. Thankyou ladies for the lovely comments.....i hate wasting food so experiment with them, if it works out, it comes here or else end up in the bin.....ver very rarely :)