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Sunday 3 June 2012

Pineapple upside down cake

Most of us do not actually like the icing on the cake and this cake is perfect for those. First time I had this cake at Maya's place in US and needless to say I was not just impressed by the way it looks but the way it tastes too. It is a light dessert and can be served warm with icecream or whipped cream.
brown sugar-1cup
Pineapple slices-1 can
Cherries-for decoration
Yellow Cake mix- 1 packet (Duncan Hines pineapple supreme)
Eggs-3, large
Oil-1/3 cup
Water-1.3 cup
1. Preheat the oven at 180C or 350F.
2. In a sauce pan , melt the butter on low heat. Turn off the heat. Add the brown sugar and Mix.
3. In two cake pans, add this mix of butter and sugar, Arrange the pineapple slices and cherries.
4. Make the cake batter following the package instuctions using eggs, oil  and water.
5. Pour the batter on the two cake pans over the pineapple slices.
6. It takes about 35-40 min to cook. Once done, turn the cake upside down.

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