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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Lemon and Coriander Couscous

This is one of the best couscous I have ever tasted. It is very easy to make and just takes a couple of minutes. It is very refreshing and an ideal accompaniment to grilled meat. I did not have coriander leaves at hand so substituted coriander chutney which only added more flavour. I am not a big fan of mint leaves so just added a few leaves.

Vegetable stock- 200ml, boiling hot
Hummus -5 tbsp
Lemon juice-half lemon
Red pepper-1, chopped
Spring onions-2, chopped
Cucumber-1/4, chopped
Coriander leaves- handful,chopped
Mint leaves- handful, chopped
Splash of olive oil
1. Put the couscous in a large bowl and pour over the stock. Cover and leave for 10 min.
2.In the meantime, chop the vegetables and herbs. In a small bowl, mix hummus with a splash of oil and lemon juice.
3.Fluff up the couscous with the fork and fold in the vegetables and the hummus mixture.
4. Serve drizzled with a little oil on a lettuce cup.

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  1. very different recipe.. never tried this.. looks delicious and yummy:)