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Monday 5 March 2012

Paneer butter masala

This dish is very popular with kids and adults. The best thing is  the same gravy can be used to make chicken butter masala or chicken tikka masala, you just need to add some grilled chicken pieces. For any party this becomes a show stopper.
Paneer-cubed, 1 packet
yoghurt - 1/2 cup
ginger - garlic paste- 1tbsp
tandoori color - a pinch

whole spices-cinnamon 1", 4 cardomoms, bayleaf 1

Spices-coriander powder-1tsp,red chilli powder - 1 tsp,turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp,jeera powder 1- tsp,garam masala-1/2 tsp,chicken masala-1tsp(optional)

onion - 1 medium sized cut finely
tomato puree (store bought) 3/4 cup/ puree a can of chopped tomato
fresh tomato - 1 small
broken cashewnuts - few (6)
kasoori methi leaves ( dried) - a pinch
fresh cream - 2-3 tbsp
salt to taste
sugar - a pinch (optional)
1. If the paneer is hard then immerse the chopped paneer in hot water with a pinch of turmeric.If  its too soft then shallow fry for a few min so that it doesnt crumble.
2. Meanwhile in a blender, blend the tomato, yoghurt and cashewnuts until the cashewnuts are finely ground.
3..In a thick bottomed pan melt the butter and add whole spices then the finely chopped onions.
4.Fry the onions till transparent.Then add the ginger garlic paste and fry till raw smell goes.
5.Then add the tomato puree, the dry masalas, and keep stirring the mixture on low flame for a while, about 10-15 min.
6.Then add the tomato, cashewnut and yoghurt mixture and mix well
7.Cover and cook on low flame, stirring in between so that the cashewnuts don't stick to the bottom.
8.Add the paneer and mix gently.
9.Lastly add the methi leaves, and cream and stir it. Cover and turn of the flame.
10.Serve hot with naan or rotis.
There are no hard and fast rules, you may adjust the seasoning to suit your taste.

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