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Tuesday 28 February 2012


My mom learnt gujarati cuisine only because me and my sister are very fond of it. Dhokla,dhebra ,muthiya and handvo are some of things she makes everytime I visit her and I must admitt, she makes better than our Gujarati neighbours. Me and my sister have tried many times to recreate her taste but have not been very succesful and I blame it on my stinginess in the use of oil!
chana dal- half cup
rice-1 cup
little urad dal, tur dal-(1 tbsp each,I guess)
2 pod garlic
3 green chilli
soda bi carb-1/4 tsp
Tadka-oil , 1 tsp mustard seeds
Chilli powder-half tsp for garnishing
1. Soak first three ingredients in water for atleast 4 hrs.
2.Grind them coarsely.with salt, garlic and green chilli.
3.Allow to ferment atleast 8 hrs.
4.Add soda bicarb just before steaming, for about 10 min.
5.Sprinkle the chilli powder and add the tadka.

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