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Monday 30 January 2012

Pesto aubergine sandwich

This is my favorite lunch box menu . Takes a few min to make if you have all the ingredients. I make it every time I buy aubergine or let's say I buy aubergine just to make this sandwich.
Ciabatta /multigrain bread- oven cooked, 220C for 8min, if ciabatta
Sliced aubergine and roasted peppers
1tbp green pesto
1tbsp Philadelphia light cheese /mozzarella cheese slices
Salt and pepper
Basil leaves-fresh/dried
Olive oil
 1.Marinate aubergine slices in salt pepper and little olive oil and grill them, ......about 13min. Y ou can add peppers too along with aubergine.
2.In the meantime slice the warm ciabatta spread pesto on one side and cheese on the other.
3.Arrange roasted peppers ,grilled aubergines, and basil. If using mozarella cheese then put the sandwich in the oven at 200C for 5 min or till cheese starts melting
 4.Dig in and experience the slice of heaven........and thank me!

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